The company  A. ANTHI - D. KANTIKOS G.P. is active from 1980 in designing and constructing private and public works in the county of Magnesia and all over Greece. Founders and shareholders of the company are the architects George Anthis and Konstantinos Kantikos who are members of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

In the beginning, the name of the company was G. ANTHIS – K. KANTIKOS TECHNIKH L.L.P. and the address was 208 K. Kartali st. The company had a second office in the island of Skiathos in Papadiamanti street.

After that G. ANTHIS – K. KANTIKOS TEMKA G.P. was established in its own office building. Our offices are in three levels, ground floor, and second floor with two levels. The office is in the center of city of Volos in 181 Antonopoulou street.

Then the company was converted in a limited partnership because George Anthis retired. The name of the company was K. KANTIKOS & Co. TEMKA L.P..

Today the company continues its course as A. ANTHI - D. KANTIKOS G.P. with the distinctive title T.E.M.K.A. ANTHI – KANTIKOY G.P., is in cooperating constant contact with a wide range of science advisors and technical staff with the necessary experience. The company is staffed by Asimenia Anthi architect and member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Dimitrios – Christoforos Kantikos mechanical engineer in progress, Christina Andreadi, civil engineer and member of Technical Chamber of Greece and Anne Badjiou interior designer.